I Slid Into A Curb! Now What?

I slid into a curb, now what do I do? If you have been unfortunate enough to slide into a curb, the first thing to check is the tire. You need to make sure it is safe to drive on. If you can drive your vehicle, see if there is a change in how it handles. Any change would indicate damage that needs to be checked by an ASE certified technician. Even slight damage will cause rapid tire wear and extremely poor handling, especially in wet conditions. A tire can wear so fast and cause a blowout, resulting in loss of control of your vehicle. When an alignment is performed, we make adjustments down to a 1/16th of an inch so any change can cause rapid tire wear. At Framerite Auto Repair we have been taking care of these situations for 67 years. Chances are we may have worked on your parents or grandparent’s car, as we hear this quite often. Give us a call and we will return your vehicle to safe and reliable driving again!

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