The invention of the automobile in the early 1900’s obviously changed the world in myriad ways, much like hundreds of other inventions that took place over the course of the 20th century.  The world instantly became smaller, and did again with the popularity of commercial air travel.  Americans would hit the open road hard over the next 100+ years.  The proliferation of the interstate highway system in the 1950’s increased road travel to such a degree that there was an explosion of industry-related businesses.  Thousands of gas stations popped up, as well as auto repair shops, auto body shops, car dealers, oil companies, etc. 

Cars and trucks come in all shapes and sizes, colors, configurations, and have a wide variety of accessories.  The basic nature and structure of vehicles remains consistent, however.  They all have engines, transmissions, batteries, alternators, and radiators.  Upkeep and regular service visits are important to make a car last longer and run more efficiently.  Engines are made up of many parts.  The cylinder block is the most important part.  Multiple cylinders located within the block may be considered a monobloc with modern engines.  The cylinder head sits on top of that and is sealed with a head gasket.

Oil changes are mainly important because engines have a lot of parts moving at very high speeds and causing a lot of friction and heat.  The oil lubricates these engine parts and reduces heat and wear and tear on the engine.  It is also environmentally friendly to get frequent oil changes, as emissions are dirty or harmful with old oil.  Old oil will beat up the engine and reduce it’s lifetime.  Frame Rite Auto Repair on Harford Road in Baltimore has been working on engines for decades and offer service appointments to take care of those oil changes.

Service appointments are not just for oil changes, however.  They are the perfect opportunity for the service greeter or service tech to identify potential problems ahead of time, and to refresh parts or fluids for the vehicle to maintain optimal efficiency.  If you are not a car expert, you may not realize that you need windshield wipers or brake fluid, or a tire rotation.  Auto repair shops have gotten better at communication with customers about what is needed as well.  Some service centers will approach with a tablet and mark off everything that may need a refresh.  There are techs that have the capability of sending video to customers, explaining the parts that need to be repaired and why.  Most service centers or repair shops will have the vehicle history available.  This will help them to see what needs to be done when or how things have progressed, or regressed in the instance of past declined work.

Not performing routine maintenance on your automobile is gambling with one of your largest investments.  For one thing, a lot of the time you will be increasing the cost to you if procrastination ensues.  Like a human body, it is better to stay ahead of potential issues, and it is vital to keep the car in good health through preventative service.  There are a lot of dangers out there for cars, including extreme heat and cold, road conditions, and other drivers.  It is best to eliminate any other challenges.  Frame Rite Auto Repair is a family-owned facility serving the drivers of Towson, Parkville, Perry Hall, Carney, Overlea, Baltimore City, and other surrounding areas.  They are experts in all categories of vehicle maintenance and scheduled service.  Your engine needs to be lubricated to sustain top performance and to extend the life of the car.  Frame Rite is the auto repair leader in the city of Baltimore.

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